Sirota's Alchymy - Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre Teaches Kids not only age appropriate Self-Defense ... But provides them the Tools they need to Succeed in Life!

"Read the testimonials below of how Sirota's Alchymy has made a positive difference in our student's lives..."
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Dear Parents,

Master Michael Sirota My Name is Master Michael Sirota and I have been professionally teaching children Martial Arts and Life Skills since 1992; all this time in Richmond, BC. I have been blessed to work with thousands of children in helping them develop positive life skills and martial arts skills via our classes.

If your child has low self-confidence or self-esteem, our structured programs with caring and compassionate instructors will help build the child's self-worth and value and kick start their inner strength to great heights. If your child has an abundance of energy, has trouble focusing and perhaps even been 'labeled' by others as ADD/ADHD who lacks focus, concentration and attention span, our Taekwondo and Hapkido classes will ground the child, instill character development attributes via our exclusive programs, while attaining greater martial arts skills.

We are the largest Martial Arts Centre in Richmond and one of the largest in the Metro Vancouver area. Please read below of some real testimonials from our parents and see how we facilitated overall transformation in children ages 4 plus.

Master Michael Sirota
Master Michael Sirota
Internationally Certified Master Instructor
International Taekwondo Hall of Fame Inductee

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Martial arts for kids "I would like to begin with a Thank You. Roneesha has truly enjoyed your martial arts program. She is truly eager to become a black belt someday. This has helped her with her balance and reflexes. I am very happy with your character development program where kids have an opportunity to focus on the skills and understand what each of them means. You have a great institution. I wish you all the best in the future."
- Roneesha's Mom

Sirota's Alchymy in Richmond BC "Doing martial arts at Sirota's Alchymy has been a very positive experience for my son. We had done martial arts somewhere else previously and the quality of teaching was not nearly as good. I have found that each and every staff member at Sirota's Alchymy shares Master Sirota's sense of being fully present for the children in the class. They are respectful, compassionate, encouraging and really bring out the best in all the children in the class. I love that the classes are good exercise, confidence building, self defense and character development all rolled into one. My son only wishes we had gotten started at Sirota's sooner! Thank you!"
-David's mom

special needs martial arts "Michael and his team at Sirota's Alchymy have transformed the lives of the families I serve at the Developmental Disabilities Association. Through his kind, generous and thoughtful teachings his students have learnt how to be citizens of their community, while learning how to self regulate through their martial arts practice. I am happy to recommend Michael and the services offered by Sirota's Alchymy."
- Tina Pardiwala
Advocate, Support Worker, Community Developer

learn Taekwondo and Hapkido "Master Sirota has created an excellent environment to learn Taekwondo and Hapkido that is supportive, engaging, and challenging whether you are an elementary school student or a parent, like me, trying to stay in shape and learn new skills."
- Mark Ellens

The Solution

After just a few months of martial arts training at Sirota's Alchymy, this is what will happen...

Martial arts for kids Learning to never Give Up! - from the very beginning, our students are taught to persevere and never give up! Why do kids fail? When a child feels she cannot do something right, at the core it has everything to do with self-worth and self-esteem. Our goal is to build their 'inner self' by providing positive encouragement and praise while instilling to all children to never, never give up or quit! This methodology has been applied to thousands of kids with great success.

Martial arts for kids Self-Confidence - to stand up to bullies and negative peer pressure. Via our training, self-defense training is an integral part of our curriculum. Students are tested at every level to make sure that they know how to defend themselves against any situation. With this newfound confidence, our students have the confidence to stand up to bullies (not that they will be picked on anymore... bullies look for easy victims... our students are confident and disciplined). We do not condone aggression and violence, however, we wish to empower each child with tools to stay safe and healthy regardless of the situation.

Martial arts for kids Weight Loss and overall Wellness - There is a great epidemic with the decline of health of our children in our society. Children are now diagnosed with high blood pressure and obesity like never before. With a new generation of videogame, texting and computer addicts, children especially pre-teens and teens lack physical exercise. Our classes are very dynamic and exciting! We create a physically challenging yet rewarding experience where children will get fit, improve their overall physical makeup and instill positive habits that will keep them healthy and happy.

There are countless other benefits that kids get from martial arts.

But rather than tell you about them myself –
just read what these parents have to say...

Karate kid and mom "My son's experience has been very positive, he often comes home with a sense of achievement and has shown a real interest in working to achieve his badges. We have all very much enjoyed the experience with Sirota's Alchymy and would highly recommend it."
Koszima Mair

Tiny Tigers "The way Master Sirota manages his classes are very impressive. Besides providing excellent coaching, the respectful and calm way he talks to each student has always made a big impression on me, irrespective of the behaviour of the student. He manages to maintain discipline with a very gentle approach yet with a clear understanding of the needs of each student. He is dedicated to his sport, to his students and to fundraising for the underprivileged. I sincerely recommend Master Sirota's Alchymy to all who wish to pursue the sport of Tae Kwon Do, no matter what their physical capability."
- Laura Zitron

Tiny tiger kids "Master Sirota has a gift for seeing the excellence in everyone, and provides a well run, and caring Martial Arts studio. His heart for children with Special Needs, is evident in all the work he has done."
- Victor Ewert

Kids with medals "You are a true gift to our community. I will always be grateful for the energy you put into teaching and supporting Tony. Thanks and continued success. I hope you will be there for families like ours for years to come."
Vicki Warfield

Children "I am the parent of Michael van Houten who is a very quiet, shy, autistic 15 year old. I had heard of Sirota's Alchymy several years ago and I knew that they had a Special Needs Program. Master Sirota suggested trying private lessons…the classes were excellent. As time went on, Michael was looking forward to going to every class. Master Sirota was calm! Gentle but firm and I knew that he understood Michael and was very experienced. What struck me the most was that Master Sirota talked to and taught Michael like he was a great human being and didn't assume anything about him being autistic. Thank you for your wonderful continued support Master Sirota and all the great, caring staff."
- Judy van Houten

Did you know that not all Martial Arts Centres are the same!

FYI.. we have been in operation serving our community since 1992 ... We are open 7 days per week ... Our 6,500 square foot mega school is fully matted and equipped for safety and exciting classes ... Our instructors are internationally certified black belts ... we are members of Taekwondo BC, Taekwondo Canada, World Taekwondo Federation, World Hapkido Federation, International Disabled Self-Defense Association, World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association and International Therapeutic Martial Arts International ... Fully committed to delivering the highest quality programs for your Family!
Karate Kids

Martial Arts
Will Martial Arts training make my child more aggressive?
Our teaching philosophy promotes self-control in one's life. Children, who have a history of aggressive and abusive behaviour have witnessed a great improvement in their ability to handle situations with self-control. Our teachings promote a healthy lifestyle, promoting self-confidence, self-esteem and inner strength to handle and overcome life's challenges. Promoting aggression and destructive behaviour is absent from our teaching approach. If your child has a tendency to use physical force, please inform Master Sirota and we will create a plan to help the child grow and transform their negative behaviour to a more productive and creative lifestyle. Sirota's Alchymy is frequently recommended by schools, teachers, therapists and even doctors as a healthy choice for children working with various behaviour challenges.

How can my child's grades improve by attending classes at your Centre?
Our approach in instructing classes is to educate, inspire & motivate our students to achieve their best in life, including school. As a child increases their self-esteem and self-worth via martial arts training, we witness overall positive changes in them. In addition to constant reminders about academic excellence, each student who is eligible for promotional testing to higher rank, must have their teacher complete an evaluation form. These forms allow our instructors to have 'motivational chats' with students who require a little guidance when it comes to school work. Master Sirota also for the past 16 years has been attending his students classes as a Show & Tell guest, educating the children about martial arts, stranger awareness and the virtues of martial arts. We are very committed to seeing your child grow and evolve to achieve their Personal Best!

How long until I or my child becomes a Black Belt?
At The Alchymy, Martial Arts training is viewed as a Journey and not a product or destination. Although, our goal is to instil Black Belt Excellence in all of our students, we also honour everyone's journey. Our Instructors will guide, inspire, motivate and nurture our students as they travel their path at their pace. Since every individual progresses at their own speed, we do not place a time parameter on someone else's frequency of mastery. You do have our commitment to instil great technical knowledge and positive life skills in our students. With dedication, commitment and perseverance, we believe that everyone can achieve the Rank of Black Belt!

When can I start attending classes?
Our Martial Arts Centre facilitates ongoing registration. We have classes every day of the week to meet everyone's schedule. You and/or your children can start training today! Classes are offered for children as young as age 4. We also offer Family Classes where kids can come to class with their parents for awesome martial arts training!

What if my child's not athletic? Will he have a hard time?
Often children who don't find success in team sports come to Martial Arts. And they love it. That's because with Martial Arts training at Sirota's Alchymy you go at your own pace. Out instructors will also use a winning formula of Praise, Correct, Reinforce (PCR) that will held every child excel in martial arts. See, team sports actually harm the self-esteem of children who aren't very athletic. When they don't perform well, the other kids can be pretty nasty. And this can leave some serious scars on their self-esteem. It also does not help when their coaches want to 'win'; resulting in the non-competitive children being 'bench warmers' Everyone who does their best is a 'Winner' at Sirota's Alchymy. Our positive and non-competitive environment promotes Personal Excellence!

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